is a Japanese word,
meaning “LET'S GO!”

IKO- (interkollektiv) is an international collective of artists (famous or not), that come together from whole Europe. Through a wide knowledge of Frankfurt’s artscene the “workers” want to give a chance to know and to become more known to everyone that works in the world of cinema, singing, theatre, dance, electronic and live music, visual-design, photography, and that are thinking about having a tour or just travelling to discover the world of culture and music in Germany. IKO will do its best to make contacts. It will also play an intermediary and organisational role among the contacts while it will pay attention to find the best and most convenient locations in the city of Frankfurt where it is possible to organise cultural events like for example live concerts and art, photographic and book exhibitions as well.

If you’re interested in beeing part of our group and you would like to join our collective, if you’re an artist and you would have fun in organising something with us don’t hesitate to contact us! IKO organises the artistic and cultural activities, which represent the gathering of music, painting, drawing, photography, dance and all kind of arts in general. Among IKO’s events we would like to point out “The Creative Underground”, an evening which is dedicated to music and art. It is an evening characterised by culinary tasting, jam sessions, live music, drawing exhibitions and theatre performances. In the end a DJ may fascinate you by his music and light show. We do also arrange workshops, flea markets and leisure activities for all ages adults and kids.

We Are

looking for

IKO always needs volunteers that would be glad to support our projects. Especially painters, drawer, musicians, dancers, photographers, jugglers, DJs, stage designers, costume designers, comedians, artisans, writers, etc. are very welcome. Accomodations are offered to the artists during their tour. Furthermore we feel happy to hear about proposals of bars, theatres, clubs, schools and gyms that could provide halls and spaces for our activities.

If you want to get information about our next events,
to propose you ideas or to cooperate with IKO,
you can get into contact with us via the email.

Thank you in advanced and we hope to hear from you soon! IKO